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Chicago Water Slide

What is it about the Chicago water slide that makes it so special? The answer may lie in the location and the history of the slide itself.

Imagine yourself on a cruise ship that has gone down the Chicago River and the excursion turns into an adventure. Perhaps, there are boats in the river that need to be docked or perhaps some larger ships that are just too big to cross by foot. Someone picks up a chair and starts enjoying the river.

There was a time when people could walk across rivers, but times have changed. Now, you simply glide across the water, and the river slides for you! You can even use your own two feet, in fact you can walk on the slide!

The slide was developed in 1920, by Captain Lionel Richmond, who actually developed his slide in part for this very purpose. Captain Richmond wanted to take a boat and do this adventure because he was tired of walking. He really did think this was going to be a fun and exciting thing for his passengers.

He worked with a man named John M. Rice, Greenbelt, Illinois. He was someone who had a fantastic eye for things, who loved water rides, and he had actually been contracted to build a river cruise ride. However, he came up with the idea of putting slides on the river. Afterward, this gentleman ended up building what we know today as the slide.

This was a great idea for someone, because it would be a group activity. The slides could be turned off at night, so you could rest on your way home. Your entire family could do it, and everyone would get some good sleep. Now, imagine if the waters were much warmer during the summer!

A great summer day on the river would be nothing like it is now. Imagine being able to slip around and fall and not hurt yourself in the dark! Even at a slower pace, you can also do this, it would be just like a slide on a river!

You can do it for the children on a lovely summer evening. The slide itself is going to add something to your evening, and the added touch of music will make everyone else feel like a gazelle on a safari!

These slides actually were made with more than one member in mind. They were built to be safe for children to slide around, and then built to be safe for the adults to slide around on as well.

The slide continues to be a staple of the Chicago River, because it does a fabulous job of entertaining. If you are looking for a safe, safe place to enjoy a slide, then you should check out the Chicago water slide.

Many of the more serious slide enthusiasts would have to say that the slide still holds up, years later. After all, it is still one of the best parts of the whole river cruise experience. The ride continues to be one of the highlights of the Chicago River Cruise.

If you have a chance to check out this colorful water slide, don’t miss it. It really is a sight to behold. It truly is the thing that keeps the Chicago River cruise moving forward for many people.